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BAG-IT questions

In this section FAQ Bag-it have compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers (FAQ) for your convenience.
If you are unable to find the answer to your question please contact us for further assistance.

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The aim of Bag-it is to reduce waste, for a cleaner, litter free environment.

This change starts with YOU, (FAQ) by investing in Bag-it you will be reducing your carbon footprint and you will be leading by example.

Become part of this unique initiative of BAG-IT…..‘Be part of the Solution NOT  the Pollution!”

Why is the company named Bag-it?

Bag-it is the acronym for 'Battle Against Garbage Impact Team'


What are the Benefits of using a Bag-it product?

Investing in a Bag-it bag and use of the product will save the environment approximately 4 to 500 disposable bags.
By using the Bag-it product the consumer will become less wasteful and will save money in the long term (no more disposable bags!)

How do I wash my Bag-it Bag?

Please see suggested instructions at Bag-it Care for more details
Bag-it care instructions

How do I fold my Bag-it Bag?

Please see detailed instructions at Bag-it Care
bag it fold up instruction guide

Where can I buy Bag-it Bags?

We supply shops in KZN the list is growing as new stores join the Bag-it campaign.
If there isn't a listed outlet in your area we offer all bag-it products on our online shop

What is your Aim at Bag-it?

To make unique, attractive high quality bags in many varied colours, fabrics and sizes, that look and feel good to use and are designed to be always at hand and that they are durable and multi-purpose.
To assist the consumer in reducing their daily waste which in turn will result in a cleaner, litter free environment.

Where are your products made?

All Bag-it products are designed and manufactured in KZN South Africa.
Bag-it handmade in KwaZulu Natal


Do you manufacture Bag-it products?

Yes. Each Bag-it bag is handmade. The Bag-it product is produced in-house where maintaining the very best quality control is paramount.

Bag-it products are designed to be an asset and as eco friendly as possible with strength and durability being major factors and are constructed in such a way to minimize material waste and ensure a high quality end product.
Improved and new designs are ongoing.

Bag-it train, develop and up-skill previously disadvantaged individuals with meaningful jobs adding pride and purpose.

What material is used in making a Bag-it product?

Bag-it's most popular range, the clip on shopping bags are made from rip-stop nylon
Other product materials used are hot air balloon fabric, poly cotton, Kevlar, etc.

Are Bag-it products made from up-cycled material?

Yes, some(not all) of the Bag-it products are made from very expensive material waste which is up-cycled.

What is your order minimum?

The minimum order at Bag-it is 12
Please contact us for wholesale and trader deals where Bag-it is supplied in boxes of 12,

BAG-IT Initial overview cover

Clean car Dirty Streets Bag-it

When will my Bag-it order ship?

Most Bag-it orders will ship in 2 - 3 business day. Please note, all orders are subject to verification and approval before shipping.
For any urgent order issues or inquiries, please email .


Do you offer tracking for my Bag-it order?

All parcels are sent via registered post. As soon as your order is processed and fulfilled you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking information. Please allow at least 12 hours for the tracking information to update before reviewing your tracking status.

Are shipping times guaranteed?

We will do everything possible to ensure your order arrives in a timely manner. Bag-it cannot be held responsible for conditions beyond our control, such as severe weather, strikes etc.
See Bag-it Terms & Conditions

Where will my order ship from?

All products ship from the Bag-it warehouse in KZN, South Africa
Bag-it handmade in KwaZulu Natal

What are my shipping options?

Post is Bag-it's main supply method, all Bag-it parcels items are registered. If you require a large order please contact us at to arrange a courier.

Does Bag-it ship internationally?

Yes, we do offer International Shipping for shipping outside of South Africa via registered post. For larger orders or courier please contact Bag-it to discuss. Bag-it is not responsible for any import fees or duties on international orders. To calculate import costs, please contact your country's Customs office directly.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Bag-it accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover through Payfast or EFT.

What if an item is damaged?

We go to great lengths to ensure product quality at Bag-it! If you have received damaged or imperfect merchandise, please contact us immediately so we can exchange your item.

What to do at the end of Bag-it's life?

From cradle to grave
Some of our products have been upcycled  from very expensive fabric off cuts and have already reduced waste to  landfill, 1 Bag-it bag will save approximately 450(or more) plastic packets been used and discarded into the environment.
Congratulations to the Bag-it owner for this achievement.

Over time your Bag-it bag will wear, at the end of its life we recommend the following;
1. Bag-it is recyclable, add to your plastic recycling bin.
2. Post back to Bag-it @ PO Box 141 Umdloti Beach 4350 KZN South Africa.
Recycled textiles allow designers to access the functionality of nylon, and contribute to a good environmental outcome. Or post to a global textile recycling program in America, Russia or China.
3. Up-cycle, cut into strips and use as ties , ribbons, streamers or flags.
4. Incinerate