Care of Bag-it Reusable Shopping Bag

…to ensure maximum lifespan

Bag-it shopping bag care advise

How to fold Bag-it – fold up/repack guide – Care of Bag-it

Bag-it how to fold

Care of Bag-it………Wash – Dry – Re-pack

Bag-it wash

Care of Bag-it reusable grocery bag is important, Bag-it shopping bags are washable.

Washing Bag-it ensures that any microbes, dirt etc are removed and absent from your Bag-it reusable shopping bag.

Repacking Bag-it in the Bag pack pouch will keep your Bag-it shopping bag clean and germ free for a healthy shopping experience.

Use repeatedly – We recommend washing the Bag-it bag and keyring pouch after use.

Dry (tumble dry safe) and repack in the Bag-it convenient clutch pouch.

Attach to keys, bag, belt, handbag, backpack or briefcase.

Anywhere that Bag-it will be with you all the time.


Bag-it dry

Bag-it re-pack

It is advisable to buy a few Bag-it bags and keep as washing replacements.

Suggested places to keep Bag-it handy are: car, handbag, key area etc.

Attach replacement Bag-it bag as soon as one is removed for washing ensuring that you always have Bag-it bag with you at all times.
It is advisable not to pack Sharp objects into the Bag-it Shopping Bag

If you don’t want to fold the Bag-it bag you can use your thumbs and stuff the Bag-it grocery bag into the pouch, the downside of this method is the bag-it bag will be creased when removed for use.
There is no wrong way to repack Bag-it.

Bag-it how many shopping bags

Ask yourself this…
How many bags do you normally use/need when you go shopping?

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