Bag-it (battle Against Garbage Impact Team) are horrified at the amount of waste being created through the pandemic of covid 19, images of used masks washing up on beaches and been dug out of dustbins to be reused is shocking….where there is a problem Bag-it will look for a solution and we have done just that. Bag-it is registered as an essential service provider.

After extensive, exhaustive in-depth research we have carefully collated, combined and incorporated all the relevant elements required and formulated a face mask design that maybe considered ‘ your best line of defense’.
Design elements incorporated are comfort, breath-ability, protection, style, functionality and reusable.

Discarded face masks wash up on beach

Bag-It Cotton Face Mask

Bag-it ultimate protective face mask
Bag-it face mask virus protection
Bag-it Facemask filter

Please Contact Us if you are interested… orders are processed on a first come first served basis.

Please read Disclaimer
It is highly unlikely that an allergy will be trigger from use of this product. If in a remote instance this does occur please refrain from using the inserted filter and replace with a facial tissue.

Is your face mask protecting you or is it just window dressing?

This is a highly contested and debated subject, different masks are used for different purposes. I see many people out and about with the incorrect mask on their face and will offer nothing further other than window dressing. I also see masks worn around the neck, on the top of the head and dangling off an ear or even on an arm, over the mouth and the nose exposed!!!….Masks constructed with the wrong fabric, exposed metal and uncomfortable ties…i could go on and on.

The point is, that to fight a virus (nano particles) you need the best line of defense possible or the right tool for the job and masks won’t help at all if they’re worn improperly.

How many times have you rushed to the shop and had to buy a plastic/paper disposable packet?
…. Too often? 

After use the bag is discarded, stuffed in a cupboard or drawer and eventually thrown away???

Do you shop on the fly???…. Forgot your shopping Bags at home?

If Yes to any of the above ,  Then you need Bag-It
Bag-it fold up shopping bags are designed to be with you all the time

Bag-it online shop

Bag-it in hand complete

The nifty Bag-it keyring reusable shopping bag, clip on, strong, durable and attractive.

Bag-it reusable grocery bag is designed to be with you all the time, just pull out of the pouch and use.

Bag-it unisex fold up shopping bags make lovely gifts for everyone whether young or old.
A gift guaranteed to be appreciated and used.

Bag-it comfy grip everyday shopping bag

Bag-it Motivation for Change
by Angie Wilken

Onetime use of a plastic/paper bag,
A bad habit crept in and sad.

Unaware of the product dangers we are buying,
All contributing to an environment dying.

A shopping habit to change it we need,
And advise on such we must embrace and heed.

For change to happen it must start with you,
You know deep down this is the right thing to do.

Bag-it a shopping bag to be reused and last
The habit of plastic to become a thing of the past.

Bag-it is designed to be part of the Solution,
Designed to be with you and not the Pollution.

For litter and pollution we detest,
Team up now with Bag-it and invest.

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