How many times have you rushed to the shop and had to buy a plastic/paper disposable packet?
…. Too often? 

After use the bag is discarded, stuffed in a cupboard or drawer and eventually thrown away???

Do you shop on the fly???…. Forgot your shopping Bags at home?

If Yes to any of the above ,  Then you need Bag-It
Bag-it fold up shopping bags are designed to be with you all the time

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The nifty Bag-it keyring reusable shopping bag, clip on, strong, durable and attractive.

Bag-it reusable grocery bag is designed to be with you all the time, just pull out of the pouch and use.

Bag-it unisex fold up shopping bags make lovely gifts for everyone whether young or old.
A gift guaranteed to be appreciated and used.

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Bag-it Motivation for Change
by Angie Wilken

Onetime use of a plastic/paper bag,
A bad habit crept in and sad.

Unaware of the product dangers we are buying,
All contributing to an environment dying.

A shopping habit to change it we need,
And advise on such we must embrace and heed.

For change to happen it must start with you,
You know deep down this is the right thing to do.

Bag-it a shopping bag to be reused and last
The habit of plastic to become a thing of the past.

Bag-it is designed to be part of the Solution,
Designed to be with you and not the Pollution.

For litter and pollution we detest,
Team up now with Bag-it and invest.

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